Hedonist | Alice Kelly | MetArt (19 / 21)

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Alice lies down on the bed, pleasuring her hot pussy with her fingers as they penetrate her deep and get her very wet. Kneeling in a seductive pose, her tender flesh pulsing with desire, it's not long before Alice gives herself the most amazing release by sliding two fingers right inside her soaked, glistening pussy, satisfying her intense arousal in the very best way. You wake slowly, just conscious enough to know there's a soft but steady pressure pressing all around your penis. A slow, warm pleasure radiates from it and permeates your entire body, relaxing every muscle and keeping your mind calm and comfortable. You have no memory of falling asleep or coming to bed or having any sheets anywhere near your genitals. But at the moment, you're more curious about that persistent rubbing. Whatever it is is making it a bit difficult to maintain consciousness. And once the rubby starts doing circles, you'll have to focus pretty intently to keep your head from going fuzzy. You do manage though, and very soon the sheets are pulled down over your lower half, revealing a nice erection and a dark-haired pixie kneeling over it with a dreamy, almost-orgasmic look on her face. "Cassandra," you utter happily, your voice more groggy than you're expecting. "Good morning..." "Good morning to you too, Mr. G," says the sexpert cheerily. "It looks like it's a beautiful day out and, to celebrate, I thought a beautiful woman should be sucking your cock."