5 Adult Cam Girl Podcasts you Gotta Listen to!

17 Feb 2023, 08:33 - Category: Babes

Cam sites are great, but there’s only so much jerking off you can fit into a 24-hour window before things start looking like raw hamburgers. But what if, despite the weakness of the flesh, the mind is still good to go? What if you want to take a break from watching cam girls to listening to them? What if you want to know a little about the behind-the-scenes realities of being a cam performer?

Luckily, it’s 2023, and extremely niche podcasts are a resource available to you. Everyone’s heard of Rule 34, but not many know of its more obscure neighbour, Rule 35: if it exists, there’s a podcast about it.

And there are plenty of quality cam girl podcasts out there. So many, in fact, that you’ll probably need a little help separating the wheat from the chaff. Luckily, we are here to help…


College To Camgirl


This groundbreaking podcast from professional cam girl Melissa Stratton chronicles her transition from a shy, girl-next-door freshman to a seasoned, down-and-dirty cam girl with a mind as dirty as her mouth.

Though it only sits at 16 episodes at the time of writing (Jan. 2023), fewer podcasts are as honest, funny or insightful about being a performer in the cam site industry. Stratton starts right at the beginning, breaking down her decision to get into camming, and she dives deep into every conceivable question you might have about the industry.

She has episodes on getting started on leading cam sites like PDCams, from getting your technical setup right to offering the best possible experience for the viewer. She also has tell-all confessionals where she talks about the kinkiest stuff she’s been asked to do, episodes about whether or not camgirls ever return their viewers’ feelings (she says the answer will surprise you) and anecdotes about attending sex conventions.

Whatever you want to know about being a cam girl, in short, is something that Stratton can – and will – tell you all about. Highly recommended.


Cam Girl Diaries



Cam Girl Diaries offers a more macro perspective than Stratton’s more grounded and intimate podcast. Each episode features interviews and chats with various different cam models, providing much more perspective than it’s possible for a single performer to offer.

Cam Girl Diaries is very much an industry podcast made by cam girls for cam girls. That doesn’t mean that it’s inaccessible or uninteresting for the rest of us; on the contrary, it’s fascinating to hear what goes on behind the scenes and how performers approach their jobs.

The bulk of the podcast is one-on-one interviews with performers who discuss their background, history and preferred approach to camming. Aside from these illuminating interviews, Cam Girl Diaries frequently does behind-the-scenes breakdowns of how cam girls might increase their views/tips, the best cam platforms to use, and common scams to avoid.

If you’d like a broader picture of the cam sex industry at the cost of a little intimacy, then Cam Girl Diaries is for you.


CamGirl Chronicles


This limited-run, 10-episode podcast ran from January to April of 2021 and was produced by a popular cam site. Hosted by a comedian rather than a cam girl – Kate Kennedy – CamGirl Chronicles marketed itself as “good clean dirty fun” and offered a peek behind the curtains of the cam girl world.

As it’s sponsored by some major cam sites, the podcast naturally skews towards their cam girls and their product. Despite this, it’s witty, informative and entertaining to listen to as the various girls of ImLive detail their experiences working on the site.

There are plenty of hilarious anecdotes about the ins and outs of the industry. You think you’ve heard plenty of hilarious cam girl vibrator stories? Not until you’ve listened to CamGirl Chronicles, you haven’t.


The Webcam Girl Zoo


Many cam girl podcasts are highly polished and have great production values. Still, they sometimes lack a certain raw veracity that you might find from an amateur podcaster (but professional cam girl).

The Webcam Girl Zoo is here to scratch that itch for authenticity. Host Melody Morrison is as raw and unpolished as they get when it comes to live cam girls, but that means that you’re getting the unfiltered down-low on what it’s like to be a working cam girl who doesn’t always love her job.

Morrison is brutally honest about bad customers, scammers, and attending sex conventions. What she says doesn’t always reveal a glamorous or inviting world, but it paints a stark and illuminating picture of the industry. You may not love Morrison or what she says, but you will be intrigued.


Shaved and Wet


Our last entry isn’t quite like the others. While the previous four podcasts offer insight into the cam industry by insiders and models, Shaved and Wet is more like an audio series that a cam girl voices. It’s essentially a cam girl performance in podcast format.

Each episode of Shaved and Wet is a sexually charged story narrated by host “Nicky”. It’s quite accurately labelled as “explicit” on any podcast platform that you’d care to check out – and it doesn’t take long to see why. Nicky is extremely graphic in her descriptions, whether talking about eating her neighbour’s wife out in her garage or sucking cock at Planet Fitness.

Nicky doesn’t limit herself completely to lusty anecdotes, however. The occasional episode takes a break from eating ass to answer viewer questions about Nicky and her life, making it an infrequent companion podcast to the others we’ve listed in this article.

Whether you’re there to listen to Nicky’s sensual voice recount nasty things or you’re more into the listener questions, Shaved and Wet is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.




Aside from our choices here, pickings are unfortunately a little slim on the cam girl podcast front. We can only hope that a few more are started as the industry continues to gain traction, but until then, you’re in fine hands with the selections we’ve made for you today. Whether you’re after a saucy story or just want to know more about the industry, there’s a podcast for you.

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